Imperial Mill

Exclusive suites with a rich history

Residential site Imperial Mill is situated in scenic and romantic part of Prague 6 in close proximity to Prague´s biggest park Stromovka. Fully furnished luxurious apartments were created by the reconstruction and completion of one of the most significant historical sights of Rudolfine Prague, which was completely devastated due to the communist regime.

Thanks to the reconstruction the most valuable parts of the Renaissance structure were preserved.

Enclosed and safe residential site Imperial Mill offers altogether 46 exclusive apartments in different sizes. Each apartment has above-standard equipment for your perfect comfort. There are also three apartments for really demanding guests. These are made exclusively in one design by Armani Casa, Cavalli and by Jindřich Halabala. While building all our apartments we put emphasis especially on your comfort. The individual apartments are spacious and airy, so that you can really find your home there, even if only temporarily


24 hour service

Only at The Imperial Mill you will find home privacy with services that everybody will envy to you.

Private garden

You can spend your free time in nice and pleasing surroundings of a private garden with natural terrain and full-grown trees in courtyard. We are, of course, in charge of maintenance of the lawn and surroundings, so all you have to do is just relax.

Underground car park

In our underground guarded car park there is a parking place available for all tenants. The Imperial Mill site is guarded, the entrance to the car park is monitored by CCTV.



Prague, the Czech Republic´s capital, is middle Europe´s historical pearl. According to the legend, it was set up as a prince´s town, later to become Czech kings´ residence. Thanks to many preserved monuments (many of them are on the UNESCO list) Prague has become the aim of many foreign tourists, who admire not only Czech architecture, but also Czech culture and beer.


The newly reconstructed historical building of Imperial Mill is situated in Prague – Bubeneč in close proximity to the Vltava River. It is surrounded by the omnipresent genius loci, which also enthralled Caesar Rudolf. Imperial Mill is surrounded by nature from all sides. In the eastern part of the garden there is the hill Pecka with a bare piece of rock, into which a grotto has been carved. In close proximity to the Mill there is Prague´s biggest park Stromovka.


Although The Imperial Mill is situated in a calm part of residential site in Prague 6, in Bubeneč, you can get to the city centre very quickly and comfortably – either by your own car, or by public transport. It takes 10 minutes to the city centre by car, and just 18 minutes to the airport. However, if you travel during the rush hour, it will take you half an hour.

Sports activities

If you are keen on sports, then The Imperial Mill is a perfect choice for you. You can find a tennis club nearby. Stromovka park is ideal for running – there are forest as well as asphalt paths. In the park you can also go cycling or in-line skating. You can also take a short walk to stables.


The Imperial Mill stands at a place where at the beginning of the 13th century used to be a farm, which belonged to The Convent of Saint George. The original mill was built in 1395. One of the later landowners run there a saw mill and also established a vineyard on the hill Pecka. At that time, the village where the mill stood was not part of Prague. Nevertheless, already Maximillian II, Holy Roman Emperor, wanted to buy the mill, but only unsuccessfully. The mill became royal property as late as in 1584, when it was given as a gift to Rudolph II as an expression of gratitude for moving his imperial court from Vienna to Prague. Rudolph II grew fond of the place so much that he had it properly improved.

The mill served as a private summer residence and was expanding from 1589 – several late renaissance buildings and a variety of garden architecture were added. The most interesting and at the same time most mysterious of the Rudolphine improvements is a grotto – an artificial cave with a decorated portal dug into the cave. In the middle there used to be a small pond connected to local waterworks. Later, during the 18th century, the place started to be called Rudolph´s bath. Another part of the original compound was a walled swimming pool with balustrade, where precious fish was bred. All parts of the summer residence were interconnected by a stone arched corridor. Next to the mill room up a gemstone workshop was set up. Here precious stones were cut and polished, and works of art (such as vases or inlaid furniture) were made. Later, in 1606, a mannerist gate originally marked with Rudolph´s monogram “R” in a circle was added.

The Imperial Mill belonged to Czech kings until 1786, when it was put up for auction. Later the owners were quickly changing and many construction changes were made. The mill became an inn and there were also built various industrial workshops that needed a sufficient amount of water for their operation – e.g. a dye-house or first machine paper mill, to which a railroad siding was constructed. At the end of the 19th century a mill arm of the Vltava River was filled with soil due to the construction of a lock chamber and the mill was partly demolished. Consequently only a dilapidated ruin of the mill remained. At the beginning of the 21st century there was an extensive reconstruction, and The Imperial Mill residence now takes pride in 20 luxurious apartments which are surrounded by beautiful nature.

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